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with global asset management industry

One week, One Location, 100% Investment

- from 7th to 13th October 2019 | Paris -

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The flagship events held in Paris’ asset management industry are joining forces under a single label in order to:

Planet earth

Rally the entire ecosystem of French asset managers and broaden our base of active supporters.


Draw in asset managers and institutional investors from the rest of Europe by offering them a first-rate programme of events.

Key speakers

Encourage the participation of international key speakers by offering them various opportunities to take the floor.


Promote networking between European asset managers and asset owners.

Events of the Invest Week Paris

Paris Infraweek

07-08 October 2019


Club de Prospective

08 October 2019


Global Invest Forum

10-11 October 2019


Founding members

Paris Europlace
France Invest


The association is open to all without any conditions or distinctions, provided the applicant makes a commitment to:

  • work towards introducing flexible, transparent and consensual working methods;
  • help to finance the association’s activities by contributing to its budget in a fair manner. It will be used primarily to publicise and promote events under our label;
  • refer to this partnership in their own communication material thanks to our shared Invest Week Paris logo;

  • appeal to France’s public authorities for their support in promoting the country’s standing in the global financial market;
  • make use of their networks to encourage other French and European associations that might be interested to join this initiative and thus work towards a Europe-wide ecosystem capable of financing Europe’s economy from the angle of responsible and low-energy investment;
  • process the applications of new candidates wishing to join the label so as to further the development and success of their partnership through any other possible means.

To join the association, a candidate must be approved by the board of directors which will make decisions on the membership applications presented at each of its meetings.